We developed “Living with your Dog” so all dog owners will have the tools and information at hand to get the right start in building a long, healthy and rewarding relationship.


“Having a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It is vital that you make a true commitment, a vow, to provide the absolute best care for your dogs body, mind and spirit.”

Wendy Volhard

This program includes the basic foundation of our “Motivational Method™”, now arranged in progressive downloads to help integrate your dog in your daily life. All of the downloads are from the Living with your Dog DVD.

By implementing proper training techniques, sound nutrition and a positive environment you will realize the relationship’s full potential. “We wish you all the best with your dog!”


Recognizing that clear communication is necessary for

successful training, the Motivational Method places

emphasis on training the handler. “We are not training

your dog- we are teaching YOU to train your dog.”

Research into the psychlogy of how people learn is

incorporated into every step of the training process.

Body, posture, leash handling, tone of voice and an

understanding of dog behavior are skills taught to

the handler enabling them to achieve precision training of the dog.

Jack and Wendy Volhard are consummate dog people,
internationally recognized for their contributions to training,
health, and nutrition. In print, in films, and in the field, they
have helped thousands of people to better enjoy the
experience of dog ownership and thousands of dogs
to live better lives.

At the heart of their teaching is the “Motivational Method,” a unique approach to training that is aimed at people who have dogs first and foremost as pets and companions.

They have written 13 books, including the popular Dog Training For Dummies, over 200 articles, and produced four training videos plus the DVD, Living with your Dog: Basic Training 1 & 2 that these downloadable lessons are drawn from. Two of their books were awarded the prestigious “Best Care and Training Book” award by the Dog Writers’ Association of America (DWAA). Between them, they have seven awards from the DWAA. On the nutrition front, Wendy’s best selling book – The Holistic Guide for a Heathy Dog – is educating a new generation of owners to help their pets live longer, happier and healthier lives.


We should dedicate ourselves to a sound training routine, workable within the context of daily life and effective in bringing out the best in your canine companion.”
Jack Volhard (1936-2016)

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