Raising Your Dog with The Monks of New Skete: 2 DVD SET

This visual companion to the monks’ highly acclaimed books contains three hours of expert instruction! The DVD format is ideally suited for dog training, with instantaneous access to lessons and the ability to repeat important exercises. All of the training lessons from the monks’ world renowned program are covered.

Over 40 Chapters featured on 2 DVDs!
Clients who train their dogs at New Skete Monastery spend over $2500.00 for an exclusive three week session. Now you can own the entire New Skete Dog Training program on 2 DVDs for less than the price of one lesson with a professional trainer!

Raising Your Dog the New Skete Way – Disc 1

An essential prerequisite to training your dog that presents the monks’ unique vision of the human/dog bond.

• An Understanding of Training
• Becoming the Alpha
• Inseeing
• Understanding the Dog
• Living with Dogs
• Obedience
• Building a Relationship Through Training

In The Beginning: Puppy Socialization And Training – Disc 2
Obedience: Working with Your Adult Dog – Disc 2

• The Meaning of Socialization
• The Stages of Puppy Development
• The Positive Value of Stress
• Paper Training
• Grooming
• Exposing Puppies to New Environments
• Puppy Testing
• Visiting the Veterinarian
• Crate Training
• Dominance Exercises
• Preliminary Obedience Training
• Becoming the Alpha Leader
• Equipment
• Leash Corrections
• Heel
• Sit
• Stay
• The Three Step Recall
• Down
• Eye Contact
• Distractions
• Voice Commands
• Discipline

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