In The Beginning:                                          Puppy Socialization And Training - Disc 2

The monks walk you through early development (birth to 4 months), taking you behind the scenes into their kennels. Topics include: socialization, behavior conditioning, house training, grooming, visiting the veterinarian and preliminary leash skills.

The key to raising a puppy is to understand how puppies develop from helpless newborns to alert and intelligent partners in canine and human social life. We will show you the precise steps you can take, and the right times to take them, to establish a lasting and enjoyable bond with your new charge.


  • The Meaning of Socialization
  • The Stages of Puppy Development
  • The Positive Value of Stress
  • Paper Training
  • Grooming
  • Exposing Puppies to New Enviornments
  • Puppy Testing
  • Visiting the Veterinarian
  • Crate Training
  • Dominance Exercises
  • Preliminary Obedience Training

"When most people get a new puppy, they are preoccupied with the pragmatic aspects of training. As important as these things are, unless such training is supported by enlightened understanding of how a puppy develops, the results will not be as satisfactory as they otherwise might have been. Since for most new owners, the early weeks of their pup's life are largely unknown, we find it helpful to describe to them the early stages of puppy development, which are largely the same for all pups. By making them aware of all that was happening, we create a greater appreciation for the pup, for the way in which it develops."

Socializing Your Puppy

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