Obedience:                                                Working with Your Adult Dog - Disc 2

Obedience training for adult dogs that includes demonstration of the five basic obedience commands, equipment leash correction, eye contact, and discipline.

"Training is meant for everyone, not simply professionals. People often fear training because they understand it incorrectly, presuming that it will break the dog's spirit. We have found just the opposite to be the case. Training, done wisely and with understanding, enhances your relationship with your dog, bringing out its full potential. Even more, it is challenging and fun, and can unlock new insights into both yourself and your dog."


  • Becoming the Alpha Leader
  • Equipment
  • Leash Corrections
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • The Three Step Recall
  • Down
  • Eye Contact
  • Distractions
  • Voice Commands
  • Discipline
  • Play

"Obedience training requires a faithful commitment, precise knowledge, and daily exercise. In the face of such a challenge, keep yourself inspired and encouraged by the vision of the fruits of all the efforts of both you and your dog -- a happy, responsive, and well trained dog capable of a wonderful relationship with you and the world around it."

Becoming the Alpha

How Dogs Learn

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