Raising Your Dog with The Monks of New Skete is a complete training program that brings the monks' internationally renowned training methods to your home. This award winning series is the latest work from the Monks of New Skete - the best-selling authors of How to be Your Dog's Best Friend and The Art of Raising a Puppy.

"One of the goals of this series is to inspire owners to take the time necessary for building a healthy relationship with their dogs. By presenting a unique vision of the human/dog bond, we seek to both alert and motivate owners to explore the deeper dimensions present in a relationship with a dog ..."
Monks of New Skete

This 3 hour series, filmed entirely on location at the monastery, covers all of the essential lessons of canine training and provides owners with the tools and confidence to forge a healthy relationship with their dogs.

The DVDs detail everything you need to know about raising your puppy, behavior conditioning, becoming the alpha-leader, communicating with your dog, common discipline problems, and obedience training.

Discover the training methods that have helped nearly a million dog owners enjoy a deeper bond with their "best friend" through a program based on knowledge, insight, and mutual respect.

When it comes to communication with a dog, most cues are non-verbal. The message is in a look in the eyes, in the body language. In a puppy, the language is even more subtle. Clear reactive moments from a dog to its master are fleeting. This is why a visual training tool is so valuable. Viewing a professional trainer working dynamically with a dog can be far more enlightening than the most articulate description in words. As they say; a picture can be worth a thousand of them.

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