What is the relationship between dogsbestfriend.com and the Monks of New Skete?

In response to several recent questions regarding the training series Raising Your Dog with the Monks of New Skete, I would like to offer the following information to any customers who may be confused by recent statements and postings made by the monks, of which we have become aware.  We are compelled to inform you, the customer, of the inaccuracies of such statements and postings, including, that the monks receive no income, whatsoever, from the sales of this video.

Atmosphere Entertainment produced the video training series with the full participation and cooperation of the Monks of New Skete. The resulting series is an accurate, in depth, thorough presentation of the monks' world-renowned approach to dog training. "Raising Your Dog" was produced on location at the New Skete monastery during several film and video shoots over a period of a year.  The series was produced at a very high quality, necessitating Atmosphere to incur a substantial investment in production and other required costs. As soon as the production and other costs are recovered from the sales of the series, the monks will be paid their agreed upon share.

Finally, Atmosphere Entertainment believes strongly in the work of the Monks of New Skete pertaining to their expert understanding of canine behavior and training. We will continue to promote this exceptional DVD series to dog lovers everywhere and hope to expand the knowledge of this practical method of training for the benefit of all.


Matt Murray
Executive Producer/Director - "Raising Your Dog with The Monks of New Skete"

Atmosphere Entertainment is the producer of Raising Your Dog with The Monks of New Skete.
Information about the Monks of New Skete is provided as a courtesy.
If you have any questions about your order please call Atmosphere customer service.
Out of respect for the monks and their lifestyle, please refrain from contacting the monks regarding dogsbestfriend orders.

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Your order: raisingyourdog@earthlink.net

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General inquiries: raisingyourdog@earthlink.net

Shipping Information:

Standard credit card orders are shipped by Priority Mail and generally take 5 - 10 business days for delivery.

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Monastery Information:

Grounds and gift shop are open from Tuesday through Sunday.

The hours for the gift shop are:

Tuesday through Saturday
10am to12pm / 2pm to 4pm

2pm to 4pm

Church services are open to visitors. Although the grounds and the smaller church are open to visitors, the monks do not give tours of the monastery, kennels or the dogs.

The Monks of New Skete belong to the Eastern Orthodox Church and are members of the Orthodox Church in America.

The monks have a small guest house for private spiritual and religious retreat.
For more information or to schedule such a retreat contact:

New Skete Monastery
c/o Guest Master
P O Box 128
Cambridge, NY 12816-0128

or Fax your request to: 1-518-677-2373

Nuns of New Skete e-mail: nuns@newskete.com
Nuns of New Skete Web Site : http://www.newskete.com

Information About the New Skete Dog Program:

To receive information on adopting a New Skete German Shepherd, send a self-addressed, stamped, long envelope to:

New Skete Monastery
c/o Brother John
P O Box 128
Cambridge, NY 12816-0128

Be advised that there is presently a 2 year wait to adopt a New Skete puppy. Adult dogs are usually not available for adoption.

If you are interested in having your adult dog trained at New Skete please write or fax correspondence to:

Father Christopher
Dog Program
Monks of New Skete
Cambridge, NY 12816-0128
Fax 518.677.2373

The program usually runs about three weeks and costs approx $1000.00.

The monks only train about 6-8 dogs at a time, so space is limited.

The monks are not available to entertain specific training questions about individual dogs. Frequently asked questions and answers are posted and updated on this site.

Visitors are not allowed to tour the puppy kennels. (This is for the protection of the puppies from any outside contaminants.)